Hochul stands up for her constituents

The mighty Kathy Hochul pulled a page from the Jack Quinn political playbook when she KO’d the party-picked No. 1 contender in the 26th Congressional District special election. Being a Hamburg resident and not always on the same side as Hochul, it is undeniable that she is hardworking, affable and politically astute. She is now walking a Wallenda-like tightrope between partisan Democratic politics and a district made up of a Republican majority and is finding the political winds of the Capitol are as unpredictable as those over the Niagara. If she falls, there will be no tether to save her undefeated record from the political graveyard.

Hochul earned my vote as an Independent when she refused to be beholden to the Democrats and voted to cite the presidentially appointed cabinet member and her husband’s boss for contempt. I don’t have an opinion on the Attorney General Eric Holder vote, but I do know she had little choice in her decision. As a member of Congress, she serves the people and must hear their voice, even if it does not echo her own.

I prefer a fighter, the people’s champ in Hochul, to a party-appointed politician who, if elected, would never face a vote that would pose any real political threat.

William Grogan