Election inspector was doing his job

A recent letter writer who said she had an unpleasant experience when she voted in the 2012 primary because she wore a political shirt was dead wrong. The election inspector was correct in calling her political shirt inappropriate. Had she not noticed that outside the polling station that anyone handing out political info had to be at least 100 feet from the polling station? Had she not noticed that once inside the polling station, there was not one thing that was political in nature to catch one’s attention? Did she not understand that when she called the Board of Elections, the reason it didn’t side with her is because she was wrong and the inspector was doing his job? Does she feel that she is above all this? And what does this have to do with “freedom of speech”? Come on, really?

Then she goes on to say that she saw on TV two candidates at their polling places wearing political attire and they were allowed to vote. The inspectors in this case were not doing their jobs and should be instructed on their roles again. And shame on the candidates. Do two wrongs make a right? Never have and never will.

Her right to vote had not been violated, as she suggests. The polling station is a place where you confidentially vote your choice. She got to do that and, yes, she should consider what would be appropriate to wear to the polls when she votes in November.

Lucille Wozniak

West Seneca