Romney’s triumph comes as no surprise

I carefully watched all the Republican primary debates and personally concluded that Mitt Romney was an excellent debater and was consistently on the offensive with strong arguments against his opponents. When the liberal “mainstream” media proclaimed that he appeared weak and had no specific plans in his agenda, I was dumbfounded. They then went on to repeat this assumption so many times that their inaccurate portrayal became the accepted reality.

Immediately after the first presidential debate, most of the pundits – both Democratic and Republican – declared that Romney came out of nowhere and decisively shellacked President Obama. In my opinion, Romney clarified this situation by telling the story of his five sons who kept repeating something they wanted him to believe, in the hope that eventually they would convince him.

Obviously, Romney was much better coached and prepared with pertinent facts, and his coach deserves a large bonus for exposing the administration’s lame positions. Obama will naturally be better prepared and come out swinging in the next two debates. The problem for him is that his philosophy of big government intervention and leading from behind will do nothing to solve the country’s problems, many of which he himself has created.

Joseph A. Tomasulo

East Amherst