Gailey should have thrown in the towel

The NFL can learn a thing or two from professional boxing.
In boxing, a manager has the option to stop a one-sided fight and spare his fighter from punishment by throwing the towel into the ring.
We need that rule in the NFL.
Just think, coach Chan Gailey could have thrown that towel onto the field midway through the devastating losses to the Pats and 49ers last week. He could have spared his players from more humiliation and spare millions of viewers from serious heartburn.
Let’s adopt the towel rule change.
Cheryl Cranston
West Seneca

Sees Mario’s big deal as root of dissension

Chan Gailey does not know why his defense has allowed 97 points in the last two games. Really?
Everyone I know thinks the defense morale is down because “Super” Mario is being paid $100,000,000 and has done absolutely nothing to earn his extravagant income. All Mario does is make excuses for his mediocre play by complaining that an opposite player put his hands in his face, or he hurt his wrist. This guy is not a super player.
Unfortunately, every defensive Bills player has to question why Mario is being paid an excessive salary when they work and play better than he does. Psychologically, Mario’s poor play has to affect every Bills player on the team. Where is Bruce Smith when we need him?
Gary H. Bauer

There’s really no hope for NFL’s worst team

Mario Williams blames players, says team didn’t finish. Why not say they quit Mario? Criticizing your teammates isn’t going to make friends and influence people in the locker room.
As a very highly paid player on a team of which you are paid, why don’t you look in the mirror first. Look at the most grossly overpaid, under performing player blaming others and making excuses for his inept play. No wonder this so-called professional football team has hit the abyss. To be the laughingstock of the nation does not bode well for the Buffalo image. Is there any way to save the season for the frozen diehard fans come December? Probably not.
Let’s face the facts, there is no hope for the worst team in the NFL.
Paul DiVito

By saying nothing he gets point across

As a regular reader and contributor to this great section of our paper, I wanted to chime in again. You know the phrase, “If you don’t have anything good to say about certain people say nothing at all”. Well, as for the Buffalo Bills players and organization, my letter is now done.
Donald Teresa
West Seneca

Like Tony, Bills left something in San Fran

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco but on the very same weekend (Oct. 5-7) that the wonderful singer was here at a Niagara Falls casino still knockin’ ’em dead at the age of 86, our Buffalo Bills were in San Francisco breaking our hearts and getting knocked dead for real by the 49ers.
In a very different way, Bills fans watching TV had their hearts ripped out of them and left on the field at Candlestick Park.
Joyce Wilson

Maybe Colonel Sanders can fix QB problem

After all these years and the endless parade of average quarterbacks, still nobody gets it.
We have no quarterback. And we haven’t since Jim Kelly. Fitzpatrick can lick his fingertips like “Jimbo” used to between plays, but it takes talent to be as “finger-lickin’” good as Jim Kelly was.
Al Cerne
North Collins

Now is the time to ax Bettman

I believe it’s time for a real changing of the guard at the position of NHL commissioner. Gary Bettman’s been there for 20 years and he just doesn’t care about the fans, players. All the business is to him is a chance for corporate greed.
I remember reading in your paper that under Bettman’s tenure there have been three NHL season stoppages, so it makes you wonder, is he a hockey fan or not? If he got what I’d like to call “the big ugly ax” I’d be satisfied. Because the NHL can’t keep functioning under people like him!
Paul Nathan Jr.

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