Breast cancer survivors thrive because of support

How refreshing to read the recent article in the Women’s Voices section of The News detailing the accomplishments of women dedicated to making a difference. This particular group gathers in the name of sisterhood to race through mud-soaked hills supporting breast cancer research and awareness. It’s refreshing to see fund-raisers that emphasize exercise, a lifestyle proven to help prevent recurrence.
As we enter this month of pink support, I applaud their efforts. Lisa Wiley speaks of a sisterhood brought together by strength, determination and common ground. Like runners, breast cancer survivors learn to thrive with the support of a community that reaches out and offers their hand. I never thought I would belong to such a group, but four years ago a routine mammogram began my journey. Like these women who make the best of a muddy run, I, too, searched for ways to make this challenge easier. I have been blessed and surrounded by women fighting the same battle, my role models as we learn to live each day with new appreciation.
We are very lucky to have resources such as the Breast Cancer Network of Western New York and other groups dedicated to raising awareness, promoting research and paving the way to recovery.
Surviving any cancer involves thriving as we embrace the new normal. Rock on, mud sisters! I appreciate all you do in making the way easier for those who may follow.
Judith Masters