There is no quick fix for cat overpopulation

Let’s do the right thing – not just look for an easy way out. It’s not a fast fix. It’s a long-range solution. We must get educated, then make wise and humane decisions. The problems of cat overpopulation are initially caused by people being irresponsible. Some don’t spay or neuter their cats, some allow them to roam the neighborhood. Some abandon them when they are no longer convenient.

We are fortunate in Western New York to have organizations like Feral Cat Focus and Operation Pets to guide us, advise us and assist us with overpopulation, strays in the neighborhood and those being a nuisance. Why would we not explore their expertise? The Alley Cat Allies website is also a valuable resource of information and education.

Most of the people in our communities are responsible and law-abiding citizens. They may have many cats in their household, and no one would ever know. The cats are neutered, vaccinated, healthy and not a problem to anyone.

Let’s focus our attention on those who don’t take responsible care of their cats, and not punish those who do. Let’s not pursue licensing cats or limiting the household numbers – it’s just not smart. Instead, we can focus on TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) to control overpopulation.

We can help with individual complaints, those not taking proper care of their cats and hoarders who may need assistance. There are many caring individuals in the community. I think people will volunteer to help with TNVR projects. Intelligent and humane solutions are available. We can happily co-exist!

Sue Jolls