Both candidates playing fast and loose with facts

Being a history and political junkie, I watched with interest the first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama. This was, without a doubt, the worst and least informative debate I ever watched. The moderator was terrible. He allowed both candidates to walk all over him and just ramble on, ignoring his feeble attempts to bring some order to the so-called debate. The candidates offered little true information to assist voters in making up their minds. They played fast and loose with the facts and the moderator did not challenge them when they made outrageous claims.

Something must be done to change our procedure for electing public officials at every level. The entrance of hundreds of millions of dollars by super PACs that air ridiculous ads just compromises the information delivered to potential voters. The average citizen is being fed false or misleading information and has difficulty interpreting these ads. Our elections are becoming a farce, with money becoming the determining factor. We wind up with poor representation because those elected are beholden to the corporations and billionaires who are now controlling our elections.

For our government to truly represent the people, we must shorten the election season to several months, hold several true debates and somehow take the money coming from anonymous donors out of the equation. If we do less, we will no longer have a government that represents the people!

Allen F. Scioli