New counters, fresh paint and the addition of a garage were part of a renovation project at the Cheektowaga Auto Bureau on George Urban Boulevard unveiled Tuesday by County Clerk Chris Jacobs.

The updates to the privately owned facility were done as part of a five-year lease agreement with Erie County that was renewed earlier this year.

Upgrades to the bureau included new laminate and wood trim counters, interior and exterior painting, an exterior heated vestibule, new window treatments, updated signage, parking lot improvements, roof maintenance and the addition of a 576-square-foot garage for the bureau’s mobile unit, according to the Clerk’s Office.

Annual rent payments increased by 2.9 percent to $123,633 under the new lease, which called for the building’s owner, Urbandale Development Co., to renovate the facility at its expense. Because the overall space leased by the Clerk’s Office increased, the rental rate per square foot decreased by 50 cents, to $13.50.