Elected officials enable jobs to be sent overseas

As we approach the holiday season and look forward to purchasing presents, it would be great if we could buy gifts “made in the USA.”
Just where is this possible? Almost everything today is made in China or other foreign countries. Automobiles, appliances, tools, computers, clothing, food and even medicine, plus many other items, are made or produced in a foreign country.
How can any candidate promise jobs to Americans when our government has condoned outsourcing, making it convenient for business people to continually close their factories and move overseas?
Many of these items are inferior, or contain lead paints, etc., that would not be accepted if made here.
It doesn’t matter – Democrat or Republican – our Congress members just sit on their hands and refuse to do anything to stop this practice or make it difficult to continue it.
Neither candidate for president has addressed this issue or what he would do to stop it.
How much profit does a business have to make at the expense of American workers and their families? Eventually, we’ll all be living off the government.
Gertrude Christ