Sedita right on target regarding IDV Court

I read the front-page article in the Sept. 27 News titled “Fighting Words” with great interest. In my opinion and experience, the district attorney’s thoughts and comments on the Integrated Domestic Violence Court are completely on target.
My understanding is that our justice system is based on the principles of fairness and equity and that one is innocent until proven guilty. The argument made by the advocate for the court that each case retains its own integrity and that there is no merging of cases is quite contrary to my experience. I fail to see how a judge can be completely impartial when she is aware that criminal charges are pending against one of the parties appearing before her in a civil case.
I certainly respect the issue of domestic violence and believe that legitimate cases should be fully prosecuted. However, I’m convinced that savvy matrimonial attorneys are aware that if they can get cases moved into IDV Court, the pendulum quickly shifts to the “victim.” Frank Sedita is absolutely correct in his position that the threat of criminal sanction is used to resolve non-criminal disputes. This manipulation is immoral and should not be tolerated, much less encouraged, by the IDV Court.
I commend the district attorney on his brave stance to correct an injustice that is not only affecting his staff, but many honorable citizens in our community.
Frank A. DelSignore
Grand Island