Bills should play all home games at Ralph

As the Buffalo Bills lease agreement talks move forward, I think that if the Bills want the taxpayers of New York to help with stadium improvements in the future, then all eight home games should be played here in Buffalo.
If one less game is taken away and moved to Toronto, that is one less game that area businesses lose revenue. A game at the Ralph generates a lot of money for area vendors and restaurants, so its time to keep the games in Buffalo, right where God meant them to be.
Ethan Cerne
North Collins

Bills get poor grades in rout by Patriots

In a very important game for Buffalo, they collapsed. Where was the ‘D?’ The Patriots ran & passed at will in the second half. I rate the defense as a “F”, offense as “D” and coaching as an “F”. The Bills can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. No pass rush, no secondary. It was an extremely poor effort.
Ed Clohessy

Same old story, Bills lack leadership

After the Bills’ loss to the New England Patriots, Chan Gailey was asked why his team fell apart and he said “if I knew the answer it would be solved.”
My belief is the team needs leadership and by the coach not knowing the problem only shows the lack of it. Leaders step up and do what needs to be done to make the team operate efficiently and for the good of the whole. Leaders inspire everyone to do their best for the common cause, they must be able to change course when needed and keep the players attitudes positive. Strategic planning, resourcefulness, composure, managing change and inspiring commitment and confidence are a few major leadership characteristics the Bills have been lacking over the last 12 years.
The Bills looked very puzzled during and after the Jets and Patriots games with no leadership in place. Without correcting this major team flaw it will be another typical Buffalo Bills season.
Gary Tomporowski
West Seneca

Commitment must be made to keep Bills here

Interesting observation on our stadium lease negotiations: Our Governor has indicated that the State of New York will pay for all stadium renovations as long as the Bills and Mr. Wilson makes a commitment to keep the franchise in Western New York after his demise.
Seems pretty straight forward, nothing to consult lawyers about, maybe talk it over with the wife and family members but quit procrastinating. I wish NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would wade into this mess and reward the loyal WNY Bills fans (you know, the 12th man) with giving Mr. Wilson an ultimatum. Either commit to a lease or move the team.
Bill Krieger

Criticism too rough on Fitzpatrick

Since nobody else is gonna say it, I might as well. I am personally sick and tired of all the negative media on Ryan Fitzpatrick.
This has been going on since OTA’s from all directions, including radio, news, so called experts (Ron Jaworski) and of course fans. From what I have seen this year in the first four games is a QB who knows how to put the ball in the end zone and lead the offense. So what if he has thrown interceptions. Who cares? Wasn’t it Peyton Manning who threw 3 INTs in one quarter? Or Tony Romo who threw 5 INTs on Monday Night Football at home? Turnovers happen in the league and that’s a fact of life. But not every QB can lead their team and score points. Fitzpatrick currently leads the NFL in TD passes with 12 and the Bills as a team currently lead the NFL with 16 total TDs.
Fitz currently has a better QB rating than Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford. Some of those are so called “elite” QBs, and at the moment Fitz is playing better than them.
I always said before this season started that I wasn’t one bit worried about the offense being I knew that Fitz could put the ball in the endzone and that’s been proven so far. I was worried about the so called “re-vamped” defense that we spent $127 million on along with our No. 1 draft pick and promoting a new coordinator in Wannstedt.
This so called “average” QB led the Bills to a 21-7 lead over the mighty Pats in the 3rd quarter of the game on Sunday and all the defense had to do was stop the opposition and they failed miserably. How about less negative talk on Fitz and a little more praise for the guy who leads our team and gets the job done. He plays tough, he plays hard and he plays to win.
Enough said.
Douglas Woronowicz

Craig Wolfley came through in a pinch

I co-captained the varsity football team at Orchard Park High School with Craig Wolfley in ’75-’76 and would like to offer my congratulations to both Craig and Ron for their upcoming induction into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall Of Fame. With that being said, I’d like to share a brief story concerning Craig.
While Craig was a few years into his career with the Steelers, I was working at the local Boys & Girls Club of Orchard Park — finishing my undergrad work at UB with intentions of teaching in my future. After some time, I was promoted to the Executive Director of that agency and working our annual Awards Dinner which occurred every June. Having secured a prominent Buffalo Sabres player as our guest speaker months earlier, I was notified two days before our event that the Sabres player who no longer available and that no replacement would be scheduled.
Frantic, I phoned Craig’s mother (who was still residing in Orchard Park at the time) to inquire if Craig was in town that week. I didn’t pass along the information regarding our dinner in that I couldn’t contemplate requesting such a favor with Craig being out of town. I told Mrs. Wolfley it was pleasant speaking with her and asked that she have Craig contact me on his next visit to Orchard Park.
Not five minutes passed after hanging up the phone with Mrs. Wolfley, that the telephone rings and who is on the other end of the line, no other than Craig himself from his home in Pittsburgh, saying “What’s up Muk”?
I explained to Craig that it was no big deal, that our Awards dinner would survive the evening without a guest speaker. “What time is it at? I’ll be there,” was Craig’s reply. The rest is history. A dynamic speaker with true “heart” for his hometown. Thanks again, Wolf.
Rick Mulawka
West Seneca

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