Cutting taxes will not ?solve nation's problems

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, when pressed for specifics on the costs to taxpayers of the Romney/Ryan tax scheme during a Sunday morning interview on Fox News, replied that, "If we started giving all of the details, everyone would change the channel."

News flash for Romney/Ryan, people are already starting to change the channel. We've heard enough of the half-baked, thrice-tried "cut taxes and everyone will be popping champagne corks and spending like money is growing on trees." We've been there and done that and now we don't even have enough money to buy the T-shirt.

If you want to cure the deficit, the only sure way to do it is to raise marginal taxes on the wealthiest people, end corporate welfare, tax short-term capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income, eliminate or dramatically raise the cap on Social Security taxes, resume collecting inheritance taxes at a reasonable rate and stop wasting money on foreign nation building. Spend that money right here on American roads, bridges, power grid, schools and public infrastructure. Just stop the nonsense that you can have your tax rates at those of a Third World country without eventually becoming one.

Now is the time for Americans to step up and accept the fact that if we are going to grow our economy, rebuild our infrastructure, remain faithful to our values of shared sacrifice and maintain our social contract with those who are least able to fend for themselves, we need to raise taxes. It's called economic patriotism. This is our time to come together and demand that our elected officials and leaders do the jobs we elect them to do on behalf of all of our citizens rather than for the select few at the top.

Ed Gentner



GOP isn't interested ?in a ‘large' campaign

In bemoaning the present state of the Romney campaign, Charles Krauthammer writes Mitt Romney's "unwillingness to go big, to go for the larger argument, is simply astonishing." All I can say is, Charles, where have you been? For four years, whenever there was any attempt at intelligent conversation, Republicans would close their collective ears and shout na-na-na-na-na-na.

Fox News still periodically gives attention to the birthers. Want to talk about health care reform? Sorry, President Obama wants to kill grandma, and you know he's a Muslim, and a socialist to boot. How about the esteemed gentlemen's club that is supposed to be the Senate, where the minority leader says his only job is to make Obama a one-term president. Romney fed on small ideas and, more to the point, thought they would get him to the White House. And they may yet.

Ironically, as part of the Fox News organization, Krauthammer was an active and willing participant in the dumbing down of the politics. Yes, Obama is beating Romney with a small game; but Republicans chose the field. But if Romney wants to go large, I am sure Obama will easily beat him in that arena, too. Republicans bet Americans were too simple to have, or even want, a "large" campaign. Does Krauthammer really believe that after four years of hysterically warning of the death of America should Obama be re-elected that undecided voters are going to take them seriously by suddenly going "large"?

Larry Fallon

West Seneca


Obama's top concern ?is getting re-elected

How anyone can trust not only our president, but our government, on telling us the truth about anything is beyond me.

The death of our ambassador to Libya and three American citizens is glossed over as a reaction to a video, "just a bump in the road." President Obama would like all of us to believe that this was tied to some video that was available for viewing on YouTube.

But when the facts come out that our government knew the next day that this was not a random act, but a terrorist attack, officials just kept spreading the manure around and not telling the truth so as not to show his foreign policies as a failure. And in this case, a great failure on our country's part to protect our ambassador and our employees in that embassy. The chant of the protesters at one of the embassies, "Obama, Obama we all are Osama" certainly speaks for itself as to what these people think of America.

So as our ambassador dies, our president goes off to a fund-raiser. I am sure that this was much more important than our national security. How can any rational person can believe anything this man says? He will say anything to get re-elected.

We currently do not have a president in office. What we have is a person campaigning for office. Spin tales and tell whatever story you like, but as far as I can see Obama is not for the rich, the middle class or even the poor. His only interest is getting himself elected to the presidency again.

David Nowak



President isn't fit? to lead our country

President Obama shows passion on the golf course, basketball and beach. We see him on late night talk shows, we see his constant campaigning. He delivered a flat, obligatory tribute to the murdered Americans. What probably was on his mind was a rush to take our Air Force One to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser. If only he would show as much outrage at the terrorists that he shows against the tea party and Fox News. What makes a growing number of Americans angry is the lack of anger this president exhibits toward the threats we face abroad. We want a leader, not a celebrity who puts our self-preservation second to his.

The president can't bring himself to say that the protesters hate us and our freedom. Why? Under principles of international law, attacks on diplomats can be considered an act of war.

Obama came to office believing that America has a lot to apologize for. And he continues to apologize to radical terrorists. Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton's words when she was running against Obama? She described him as "inexperienced" and not ready to be president.

John Orlowski



Redesign will make ?Route 5 more dangerous

When and where was "public comment" offered on the project now under way to change Route 5 from Sturgeon Point Road to Bennett Road/Eden-Evans Center Road from four to three lanes?

This two-mile stretch of four-lane Route 5 does not require "calming" or to be choked down to presumably improve safety for the driving public (the majority of whom are responsible drivers.) The matter to be addressed concerns those who are not! Irresponsible drivers recklessly speed, have little regard for others or for vehicle/traffic regulations. Road markings mean little to them. Appropriating sufficient tax dollars to assist law enforcement deal with this issue would be more productive in the long run than focusing on two miles of a road pattern change that in itself has its own concerns for public safety.

Some years back, the State Department of Transportation recognized that the three-lane configuration on Route 20 in the towns of Evans, Brant, Eden and Hamburg had a high incidence of disastrous head-on collisions and eventually eliminated that design. Was the state wrong on that decision?

Is the current Route 5 reconfiguration to three lanes – with its dangerous center turning lane that could lead to road rage and potential head-on collisions – worth any future broken and lost lives? I think not. Better judgment needs to prevail with this project. It needs to have a change order to "Stop – now!"

Joan M. Houston



Reducing Route 5? to 3 lanes is bad idea

I have tried but cannot think of any logical reason to reduce Route 5 from four lanes to three for the two-plus miles between Sturgeon Point and Bennett roads in the Town of Evans. This stretch of road is mostly residential and has been four lanes as long as I can recall, with no congestion issues. This plan is likely to cause a bottleneck on Route 5, with no way for vehicles to pass ones slowing to turn right. If vehicles use the center lane to pass, it could also lead to additional accidents.

The amount of traffic using this section of road coming from either east or west having to reduce from four lanes to three just doesn't make sense. Have we forgotten the problems this plan caused when it was put in place on Route 5 in Hamburg? It had to be abandoned and returned to four lanes. Hopefully there is still time to re-evaluate this plan and avoid the potential expense of returning it to four lanes after commuters and residents demand it.

Dennis Kingan



Cats are the least? of city's problems

A shout out to County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant and her dismay at cats finding refuge in her University Heights neighborhood.

Ms. Grant, imagine my dismay in finding my North Buffalo neighborhood is more and more becoming a refuge for drug gangs.

Apparently, it's OK to go after residents who are responsible cat owners, but going after the real problem plaguing this city isn't something she or Council Member Darius Pridgen seem to have the backbone for.

Richard McCarthy



How tough can it be?to fix an escalator?

We are fortunate that the task of landing a man on the moon was not left to the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, otherwise Neil Armstrong would still be waiting at the base of the moon rocket for the escalator to be repaired.

Glen J. Gordon