Obama’s top concern is getting re-elected

How anyone can trust not only our president, but our government, on telling us the truth about anything is beyond me.
The death of our ambassador to Libya and three American citizens is glossed over as a reaction to a video, “just a bump in the road.” President Obama would like all of us to believe that this was tied to some video that was available for viewing on YouTube.
But when the facts come out that our government knew the next day that this was not a random act, but a terrorist attack, officials just kept spreading the manure around and not telling the truth so as not to show his foreign policies as a failure. And in this case, a great failure on our country’s part to protect our ambassador and our employees in that embassy. The chant of the protesters at one of the embassies, “Obama, Obama we all are Osama” certainly speaks for itself as to what these people think of America.
So as our ambassador dies, our president goes off to a fund-raiser. I am sure that this was much more important than our national security. How can any rational person can believe anything this man says? He will say anything to get re-elected.
We currently do not have a president in office. What we have is a person campaigning for office. Spin tales and tell whatever story you like, but as far as I can see Obama is not for the rich, the middle class or even the poor. His only interest is getting himself elected to the presidency again.
David Nowak