GOP isn’t interested in a 'large’ campaign

In bemoaning the present state of the Romney campaign, Charles Krauthammer writes Mitt Romney’s “unwillingness to go big, to go for the larger argument, is simply astonishing.” All I can say is, Charles, where have you been? For four years, whenever there was any attempt at intelligent conversation, Republicans would close their collective ears and shout na-na-na-na-na-na.
Fox News still periodically gives attention to the birthers. Want to talk about health care reform? Sorry, President Obama wants to kill grandma, and you know he’s a Muslim, and a socialist to boot. How about the esteemed gentlemen’s club that is supposed to be the Senate, where the minority leader says his only job is to make Obama a one-term president. Romney fed on small ideas and, more to the point, thought they would get him to the White House. And they may yet.
Ironically, as part of the Fox News organization, Krauthammer was an active and willing participant in the dumbing down of the politics. Yes, Obama is beating Romney with a small game; but Republicans chose the field. But if Romney wants to go large, I am sure Obama will easily beat him in that arena, too. Republicans bet Americans were too simple to have, or even want, a “large” campaign. Does Krauthammer really believe that after four years of hysterically warning of the death of America should Obama be re-elected that undecided voters are going to take them seriously by suddenly going “large”?
Larry Fallon
West Seneca