Reducing Route 5 to 3 lanes is bad idea

I have tried but cannot think of any logical reason to reduce Route 5 from four lanes to three for the two-plus miles between Sturgeon Point and Bennett roads in the Town of Evans. This stretch of road is mostly residential and has been four lanes as long as I can recall, with no congestion issues. This plan is likely to cause a bottleneck on Route 5, with no way for vehicles to pass ones slowing to turn right. If vehicles use the center lane to pass, it could also lead to additional accidents.
The amount of traffic using this section of road coming from either east or west having to reduce from four lanes to three just doesn’t make sense. Have we forgotten the problems this plan caused when it was put in place on Route 5 in Hamburg? It had to be abandoned and returned to four lanes. Hopefully there is still time to re-evaluate this plan and avoid the potential expense of returning it to four lanes after commuters and residents demand it.
Dennis Kingan