Redesign will make Route 5 more dangerous

When and where was “public comment” offered on the project now under way to change Route 5 from Sturgeon Point Road to Bennett Road/Eden-Evans Center Road from four to three lanes?
This two-mile stretch of four-lane Route 5 does not require “calming” or to be choked down to presumably improve safety for the driving public (the majority of whom are responsible drivers.) The matter to be addressed concerns those who are not! Irresponsible drivers recklessly speed, have little regard for others or for vehicle/traffic regulations. Road markings mean little to them. Appropriating sufficient tax dollars assistance to law enforcement to deal with this issue would be more productive in the long run than focusing on two miles of a road pattern change that in itself has its own concerns for public safety.
Some years back, the State Department of Transportation recognized that the three-lane configuration on Route 20 in the towns of Evans, Brant, Eden and Hamburg had a high incidence of disastrous head-on collisions and eventually eliminated that design. Was the state wrong on that decision? Have times so changed that it is acceptable to mark today’s roads as in the past with unintended but invited danger?
Is the current Route 5 reconfiguration to three lanes – with its dangerous center turning lane that could lead to road rage and potential head-on collisions – worth any future broken and lost lives? I think not. Better judgment needs to prevail with this project. It needs to have a change order to “Stop – now!”
Joan M. Houston