President isn’t fit to lead our country

President Obama shows passion on the golf course, basketball and beach. We see him on late night talk shows, we see his constant campaigning. He delivered a flat, obligatory tribute to the murdered Americans. What probably was on his mind was a rush to take our Air Force One to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser. If only he would show as much outrage at the terrorists that he shows against the tea party and Fox News. What makes a growing number of Americans angry is the lack of anger this president exhibits toward the threats we face abroad. We want a leader, not a celebrity who puts our self-preservation second to his.
The president can’t bring himself to say that the protesters hate us and our freedom. Why? Under principles of international law, attacks on diplomats can be considered an act of war.
Obama came to office believing that America has a lot to apologize for. And he continues to apologize to radical terrorists. Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton’s words when she was running against Obama? She described him as “inexperienced" and not ready to be president.
John Orlowski