Q: Will Steve Harvey continue as host of “Family Feud” now that he has his new talk show? – Nancy Marifioti, New York Mills, N.Y.
A: For the time being, anyway, he’s keeping his game show job. That’s not unmanageable for his schedule, which certainly is being kept hopping, since most programs of that type can tape a number of episodes in one day.
Also, “ Family Feud” is now produced in Atlanta, where Harvey resides. Add to that the weekday talk show as well as the radio show he does, plus his literary involvements that have yielded several best-sellers, and he certainly is not lacking for activity these days.
Q: Why does CBS keep taking people off its morning news program and never tell you where they are now? I loved Erica Hill, and all of a sudden, she’s gone. – Carolynn White, Mount Prospect, Ill.
A: It’s true, that has been a syndrome of that time period, and while it’s unlikely a completely frank answer would come from the decision makers, we’ll make that leap here.
Once the move has been made to replace a co-anchor, especially at a time of day when viewers become very used to whom they’re watching, a network generally believes a “lame duck” period for the exiting anchor is not in its interest. It would rather move forward and, as the saying goes, cut its losses.
That certainly happened fast with Hill, who vanished from “CBS This Morning” – after being its last tie to “The Early Show” at the anchor desk – virtually as soon as Norah O’Donnell was announced as her successor. Hill was said to be discussing “a new role” with the network’s news division, but as of this writing, nothing more was known about that.