NFTA service is an embarrassment

It is dismaying to read that the board members of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority lack even the basic competence to sit in a room in order to form a quorum. For the past four months, the escalator at the University Station has been out of service, but NFTA Commissioners James J. Eagan and Adam W. Perry are more concerned with squabbling than they are with addressing this important issue.
I have long thought that it should be required of NFTA commissioners that they commute to work on public transportation at least once a week. Now I’d like to propose a further requirement: once a month each commissioner should have to go from his home to a randomly assigned location within the NFTA’s service area – and arrive within 10 minutes of a predetermined time. (Good luck getting to or from the NFTA’s airport.) Perhaps if they had some sense of what it is like to use the system occasionally, they would be more sympathetic to the people who use it all the time. In the meanwhile, the NFTA is the single worst mass transportation system I have encountered anywhere in the country, and anywhere in the world. It is an embarrassment.
William C. Altreuter