Let’s fully implement Affordable Care Act

A recent News editorial is critical of penalties under the Affordable Care Act for those who refuse health insurance. If those who decline affordable insurance were to become gravely ill, would they refuse emergency treatment because they made an informed choice to be uninsured? I doubt it. It is likely that their treatment would be paid for by the rest of us. Is this sensible or fair policy?
Cost-control measures in the act were also questioned. CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation have online lists of the cost-containment measures in Obamacare. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has determined that the savings in Obamacare will reduce costs for the federal government and keep Medicare financially stable for 12 additional years.
About 25,000 Americans (a low estimate) die prematurely each year for lack of health insurance. About 50,000 were killed in the Vietnam War. Without health insurance for all, every two years we lose as many as died in Vietnam. Christian teachings place a high value on healing the sick. Full implementation of the Affordable Care Act is a moral imperative and sound policy.
William G. Lisk