Obama may be nice guy, but he’s a poor president

It is time for the American people to wake up and vote with their heads and not their hearts. Face it, Americans, this country is in rough shape. We need to put in elected office people who are qualified and determined to lead our country in the right direction.
President Obama may be a nice guy. If you think so then invite him over for a cookout or ask him to join your bowling team. But we have to get him out of the White House before he puts us all in the poor house and we lose what little respect we have left in the world.
What we need leading this country – at all levels of government – are people who know how to cut spending, cut taxes, eliminate waste, downsize government, minimize government regulations and run this country efficiently like a business. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand and know how to do these things. They will immediately begin to lead this country back in the right direction as soon as we vote them into office.
Chris Collins also is desperately needed in Congress to do all of these things. I also believe New York State would be in much better shape today if Carl Paladino was our governor. We would not be talking about raising taxes and increasing Thruway tolls. Instead we would be working on lowering school taxes, sales taxes and gasoline taxes. We would also see less government spending and waste and this would result in a smaller, more-efficient government.
Richard L. Burzynski
North Tonawanda