West Seneca should focus on real issues

As a West Seneca resident, I concur completely with the writer to this column about the supposed feral cat problem we are experiencing in our town. I am also a responsible owner to multiple indoor cats and have never witnessed hordes of strays on anyone’s property.
I must take umbrage with Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan for making this her platform concern at this time. Whether isolated or exaggerated, I am astounded by this displaced focus on a non-issue.
In lieu of trying to abate the cat population, I have a few proposals. Tend to the high unsightly weeds growing out of the sidewalks, paint the rusty guardrails along every bridge, keep vacant lots mowed, lure businesses to occupy vacated stores and gas stations, and please do something with the old Seneca Mall site. All of these are an embarrassing eyesore!
Elizabeth D. Sikorski
West Seneca