Why can’t people give pedestrians a break?

This letter is in regard to the My View column in the Sept. 29 News. I would like to compliment the writer, Lynn Magdol, for giving a solid view of the “endangered species” that pedestrians are. Being a lifelong pedestrian, I can relate to the examples she gives when she travels about on two feet meeting obstacles such as blocked driveways and icy, unshoveled sidewalks.
Pedestrians are also not respected by a majority of drivers since they think we are part of the 47 percent (which Mitt Romney made us aware of recently) and are dropouts of society because we don’t drive like everyone else does. Pedestrians are not given any thought on the road when drivers don’t use their turn signals or speed up, deliberately, on right/left turns making it difficult to cross at crosswalks or signals. I applaud Magdol for making this point that we pedestrians are human and indeed an “endangered species.”
Judith L. Stocker