10 AM, CSPAN, Transparency In Congress: An assessment of how Congress is making proceedings available to the public.
2 PM, HIST, The President’s Book of Secrets: A journey inside White House history finds information about secrets known only to the president.
8 AM, 49, “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” (’01) Haley Joel Osment. An android boy embarks on a journey to discover his true nature. (3:00)
Noon, 29, “Snatch” (’00) Benicio Del Toro. Criminals and con artists fight over a jewel. (2:00)
1:30 PM, 51, “Smokey and the Bandit” (’77) Burt Reynolds. A bootlegger burns rubber to evade a stubborn sheriff. (2:00)
2 PM, 11, “Babe: Pig in the City” (’98) Magda Szubanski. Farmer’s wife, pig detained. Live action/animatronics. (2:00)
3:30 PM, 51, “Smokey and the Bandit II” (’80) Burt Reynolds. A driver transports an elephant from Florida to Texas. (2:30)
4 PM, 11, “My Giant” (’98) Billy Crystal. A Hollywood agent discovers a giant-sized prospect. (2:00)
7 PM, 5, “Cars” (’06) Voices of Owen Wilson. Animated. A race car gets stranded in a town along Route 66. (CC) (2:30)
8 PM, 11, “Gooby” (’09) Matthew Knight. A lovable monster helps a boy through a rough patch. (2:00)
8 PM, 19, “The Beguiled” (’71) Clint Eastwood. Southern girls and headmistress punish sly Union soldier. (2:00)
9 PM, 17, “Inspector Morse: Infernal Serpent” (’90) John Thaw. A famed environmentalist is murdered before a lecture. (CC) (2:00)
10 PM, 19, “Casanova” (’05) Heath Ledger. The notorious womanizer sets his sights on an unattainable prize. (3:00)
10 PM, 49, “The Last Shot” (’04) Matthew Broderick. An FBI agent tricks a screenwriter to make a sham movie. (2:00)
10 PM, 67, “The Deadly Mantis” (’57) Craig Stevens. Colonel and scientist track big bug to Manhattan. (CC) (2:00)
Midnight, 11, “Dumb and Dumber” (’94) Jim Carrey. Two witless wonders take a cash-laden briefcase to Aspen. (2:00)
Midnight, 67, “The Devil’s Hand” (’61) Linda Christian. A man’s dream-girl gets involved with an evil voodoo cult. (2:00)
12:05 AM, 9, “End of Days” (’99) Arnold Schwarzenegger. An ex-cop must prevent a woman from bearing the Antichrist. (CC) (2:34)
1 AM, 5, “Flood” (’07) Robert Carlyle. An engineer must save London from a flood. (CC) (2:00)
1 AM, 19, “Welcome to the Sticks” (’08) Kad Merad. A French postman’s demotion sets him in northern France. (CC) (2:00)
1 AM, 51, “Smokey and the Bandit” (’77) Burt Reynolds. A bootlegger burns rubber to evade a stubborn sheriff. (2:00)
2 AM, 11, “American Pie” (’99) Jason Biggs. Teens agonize over losing their virginity. (2:00)
2 AM, 23, “To Die For” (’95) Nicole Kidman. A woman will stop at nothing to achieve television stardom. (2:00)
3 AM, 19, “Everyone Says I Love You” (’96) Alan Alda. New Yorkers sing their way through trials and tribulations. (CC) (2:00)
3 AM, 49, “Home on the Range” (’04) Voices of Roseanne Barr. Animated. Three cows try to capture a rustler. (2:00)
4 AM, 11, “Hit the Saddle” (’37) Robert Livingston. The Three Mesquiteers discover a painted horse and a fandango dancer. (1:00)
7 AM, 2, Today: Actors Carol Burnett and Tim Conway; MTV VJs. (CC)
8 AM, 7, Good Morning America (CC)
9 AM, 9, The Marilyn Denis Show: Home renovations and basement upgrades; deep frying turkey. (CC)
1:35 AM, 4, Inside Edition Weekend (CC)