Itís time to remove dangerous Skyway

The removal of the dated and sometimes dangerous Skyway bridge is an idea whose time has come. Congressman Brian Higgins is once again in the lead for an important proposal that can only enhance the quality of life for all of Western New York. Donn Esmondeís recent column clearly underlines the existing defects. The State Department of Transportation should seriously consider not only their well-placed arguments, but also the safety of the thousands of commuters who travel this anachronistic structure daily.
I remember the shock and sadness of this community at the loss of lives, including that of a former student, in one of the numerous mishaps on this outdated edifice. Trying to merge onto or off of the Skyway at rush hour has been an unnerving crap-shoot for years, as thousands of commuters or visitors can attest to.
Increased vehicle volume over the years has overwhelmed the ability of the state and cityís signal light system to provide efficient and safe traffic flow. Ask any commuter who has waited for numerous signal changes to move several yards ahead. And donít get me started on the impact of expected and unexpected snowfalls on an already overburdened system. Prudent fiscal planning and sensible unity of communication between levels of government can lead to a desirable outcome and traffic safety for our entire community. The time is now.
Tim Ellis