“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times that Little Jack Horner was not eating curds and whey!” Mother Goose told Father Goose.
“He was eating, uh—”
“What, cherry pie?!” cried Mother Goose.
They’d been at it for hours.
Finally, Father Goose said, “I’m going for a walk.”
As he left, Mother Goose hollered, “Sure! Run away!”
This was a typical falling out between the couple. It can be very trying to keep producing stories, especially when one person doesn’t pull his or her weight. In the case of the Gooses, it seemed to Mother that Father was always on a break. She decided to teach him a lesson.
“The publisher wants 10 new stories by Friday,” she told him, “and you’ll have to do it. I have to convince Jack to jump over the candlestick. He’s such a wuss.”
“How can I create 10 stories in just two days?!”
“See ya,” said Mother Goose, and she left.
Father Goose wandered around muttering.
When Mother Goose got back, she told him she’d just been joking. Furious, he left.
Remember: Use an exclamation point after a sentence that REALLY makes a point!
Exclamation point or no?
1) Brad told Ira, “I just got a date with Madonna.”
2) “I will not, repeat ‘not,’ run for president again,” the veteran candidate told the audience.
1) ! (Yeah, right.)
2) ! (Aw, please. Make it an even dozen!)