1. Where is Casablanca?
2. Name the three nephews of Donald Duck.
3. According to the Bible, how did Samson die?
4. Identify the largest nation that straddles the equator.
5. According to Greek legend, who was the father of Autolycus?
6. Is Puerto Rico a territory or a commonwealth?
7. What is the insignia for a full colonel in the U.S. Army?
8. Is it true or false that a meal to be called dinner must be eaten in the evening?
9. The rand is the monetary unit of what country?
10. Who wrote “God Bless America”?

1. Morocco.
2. Huey, Dewey and Louie.
3. Samson died along with his adversaries when he pulled down the temple.
4. Brazil.
5. Mercury.
6. Commonwealth.
7. A silver eagle. The insignia for a lieutenant colonel is a silver oak leaf.
8. False. Dinner is simply the principal meal of the day, whether eaten midday or later.
9. South Africa.
10. Irving Berlin.