While one man is campaigning to stay in the White House and another is hoping to move in, former first lady Laura Bush, who spent eight years living in Washington’s most famous residence, is taking a different kind of message to the American public.
As the second guest of the UB Distinguished Speakers Series this season, and no longer at the mercy of pollsters and pundits, she is expected to share a more personal view of the causes she championed while her husband, George W. Bush, was president. And, as those familiar with the former librarian and lifelong literacy advocate know, she has a lot to talk about. Her favorite topics remain human rights, patriotism, women’s issues, global health and education.
Listeners can expect a healthy share of Mrs. Bush’s grace and charm, along with her personal take on many of the issues faced by the Bush administration, when she takes the stage at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Alumni Arena on the University at Buffalo’s North Campus. Tickets are $42, $36, $32 and $16 (free for UB students); they are available through Ticketmaster and the UB Alumni Arena Ticket Office.
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