Who?: Mike Santillo, keyboards/vocals; Dave Muntner, drums; Adam Putser, guitar/vocals.
What?: The Tins’ full-length CD and digital format release “Life’s a Gas” is out now.
Why?: With an authentically anthemic blend of art-rock edginess, alternative idiosyncrasies, and a well-developed sense of songcraft, the Tins oughta be huge. “Life’s a Gas” is indeed a gas itself. Working with Modest Mouse producer Joe Blaney, (, the three-piece conjures a new wrinkle in the indie-rock realm. Killer hooks, memorable melodies and a sense of sonic adventure combine to stirring effect.
What’s Next?: The Tins celebrate the release of “Life’s a Gas” with a party at Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St., on Saturday at 9 p.m. The band will be joined by guests Dotson Moon and Handsome Jack.
Check Out: A few samples from “Life’s a Gas,” through
– Jeff Miers