Israel is overstepping its bounds with demands

This in answer to the Sept. 25 letter writer who took The News to task for condemning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his advocacy of a “red line” against Iranian transgressions. Israel sounds to me like a bully in a schoolyard picking out two kids and saying, “let’s you and him fight.” Since when does Israel call the shots on what the United States is supposed to do? Israel is the biggest recipient of U.S. aid, but this does not give it the right to set our policies.
I am in no way defending Iran or approving of its policies. However, the statement that it is “common knowledge” that Iran is close to perfecting a nuclear weapon begs an explanation of the same situation some years ago – that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.” When we invaded Iraq, no weapons were found.
The writer also made the argument that both the ayatollah and president of Iran said Israel was a scourge and should be wiped from the face of the earth. Isn’t this the same attitude that Israel is taking toward Palestine? Let’s present both sides of the argument.
Bob Adner