Require use of PIN for all credit cards

Recently there was an article in The Buffalo News about a restaurant patron whose credit card was used by another person in an unauthorized manner.
The patron allowed the bar to “hold” his credit card while he was in the establishment – then someone used the patron’s credit card to make several purchases. The perpetrator claims the patron’s credit card looked like his own credit card, and it was an honest mistake.
Apparently it is very easy to use someone else’s credit card even though it is illegal and dishonest! While the financial institution may hold the credit card holder “harmless,” this type of activity is a substantial loss to the credit card company.
Therefore, I would like to suggest all credit card transactions require every person making a purchase to include a secret PIN (personal identification number) in order to consummate the transaction. Then, if you accidently lost or misplaced your credit card you could relax and not experience a panic attack.
Without the correct PIN, all credit cards would become worthless plastic.
David F. Quagliana