The High School

Contains much overgrowth.
Drama is overgrowth.
Needs to be cut away,
just keep walkin.

Just as youíve done this,
the turtles appear.
The slow walkers are the turtles
that prevent you from beating
the bell.

Next, you hear the buzzing.
The buzzing insects are the
voices of gossip.
Voices of harm.

After you pass through all this,
you come across the crocodiles.
Your enemies are the crocodiles.
They are your worst nightmare.
Some are envy green, others
change color to blend in.
Hidden feelings

Donít worry, with each passing
year, we get stronger.
Able to weather
the storm.
We are the trees.
And hey!
Itís a jungle in here!!
Molly Teti, Sweet Home High School


Set Me Free

Please, cut the ties that bind me,
So that I may be free.
I wish to spread by wings,
So I can see many things.
Let me grow and learn,
But never let my heart burn.
I wish to soar,
Forever more.
I want to find love,
And the grace of a dove.
When I find that love,
He will be my hero from above.
Donít you worry about me,
Wait and see.
Set me free,
And let me be.
Kayla Reumann, grade nine, Holland High School