Sync city school calendar with suburban districts

Let's not discuss school taxes, teachers unions, teachers pay or how teachers work X amount of days. That is not what this letter is about. Even though I believe they are underrated, underappreciated and underpaid, that is a letter for a different time.
I am starting to make plans for a family vacation. Easter is March 31, 2013. Yes, it is only the first month of school, but coordinating with other family members takes advance planning. So I looked up the Buffalo school calendar, not knowing what I would find because it is never the same.
In the past, there was no winter break, but two weeks at Easter. Then it was yes to a winter break (to save on heating costs?) but one week at Easter. Heaven forbid we have the same school calendar as other schools in the area - Williamsville, Kenmore, Amherst. That would be too easy.
So what did I find? One extra day in February to complete a President's weekend, and one week at Easter time. We're not concerned with heating costs now?
My daughter goes to a Buffalo public school. Do I love the school? Yes. Will I move because of this? No. But why does the district have to make everything so difficult?
Donna Brewster Meyers