Paddock Chevrolet notched another month on its belt of triumphs, topping all Chevy dealers in the nation for September retail sales for the first time in the dealership’s history.
The Kenmore dealership posted 410 sales last month, up 28 percent from the same month last year, as Paddock bested its perennial national rival, Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, Texas.
Paddock’s sales were led by the Cruze, Silverado and Equinox, with 123, 110 and 62 vehicles sold, respectively. But “sales on all the lines have been quite well,” and “no vehicle line has struggled,” said owner Duane Paddock.
Paddock, which was also No. 1 for sales in February, has been the national monthly sales leader at least once for most months of the year, but this was the first time ever for September. It still has not topped the charts for August or December.
“That was the best September we’ve ever had in the history of the store,” Paddock said, adding that the second-highest tally was September 2011. “September has obviously gained momentum locally, and that’s a sign of the current economy. We’re really seeing consumers come in and trade out a vehicle and looking for high-fuel-efficient vehicles, which is great to see.”
In particular, he said, the Volt has been a “great addition to the lineup,” with 70 cars sold so far this year. The dealership had expected to sell only three to four per month, he said, but it’s been averaging about 13, “so we’re real excited about the growth in the Volt.”
Still, he doesn’t expect to overtake Classic Chevrolet as No. 1 for full-year sales. “We’re working on it,” he said. “We’ve done a great job year to date, but I can’t see us surpassing Classic this year. But we look forward to challenging them next year.”