Nanny governments have ruined nations

In his My View column of Sept. 25, professor Anthony Graziano engages in a little poetic license to give a warm account of how he introduced his children to the wonder of the Perseids meteor showers. Unfortunately, he shamelessly spoiled his story by yoking it to political propaganda.
Pretending puzzlement, he wonders why so many working folks vote for politicians who want to weaken unions. Could it be that unions, in their unique way, have become as harmful to the general public as companies were that once exploited the workers? He wonders why parents would vote for those who threaten children's health by attacking environmental standards. Could it be that environmentalists today are regulatory extremists bent on wrecking our economic system? Graziano doesn't understand why voters keep re-electing liars, thieves and possibly worse. Would they include President Bill Clinton, who lied under oath; or Sen. Jon Corzine, who recently made a couple of billion dollars vanish; or Sen. Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick?
Eric Hoffer, the late longshoreman philosopher, once said, "Give an intellectual anything he wants, but never give him power." Like so many other intellectuals, the professor rejects our founding principles and believes that big government social engineers would create a Utopia if only we'd give them more power and time to implement their plans. It's an old and tragic story of nanny governments that have ruined nations and countless millions of lives.
Personally, I'll put my faith in the average American, whose common sense and intuitive understanding of human nature will help restore America to the greatness that made it the envy of the world.
James Costa