Dear Abby: I have been dating a divorced woman for four years. She said in the beginning that she had very little sexual experience because her former husband "had problems," but decided after the divorce to find out what she was missing. She hasn't discussed this in detail, but once in a while she lets out little snippets of information that lead me to believe she was active.
Do I have a right, now that we're engaged, to know how many partners she had since the divorce? She's being evasive about it.
- Wondering Widower

Dear Wondering: No, you do not have that "right," because if she answers the question, your next questions will be what are their names, how many times did she sleep with them and were they better than you are in bed. Sometimes it is wiser to leave the past in the past and simply appreciate the special relationship you have with the person you love.

Pursue happiness

Dear Abby: I am a healthy, active older man who is in love with a woman my age. Coincidentally, we are in-laws. Her husband and my wife are both deceased. Having known each other for many years, we are very close and have found renewed happiness with each other. We are in love.
Our adult children tell us we are not being rational. Our peers see nothing wrong with it. Do we ignore our children's advice and seek happiness together for the next few years? Please tell me something that makes sense.
- Confused Retired Engineer

Dear Confused: You have raised your kids and buried your wife. You deserve to be happy. What makes sense is you and this lady you have known for years being happily together. Your children's attitude is what's irrational.
Dear Readers: If you like the way things are going, VOTE. If you don't like the way things are going, VOTE. If you have never voted before, VOTE. (Don't be embarrassed by your ignorance - when you get there, they'll show you how.)
If you're not registered to vote and don't know where to register, contact the League of Women Voters, your county registrar's office or your secretary of state's office for details. All are listed in your phone directory or online.
Please note that the deadlines for registering to vote vary from state to state.
Don't let anything - or anybody - keep you from voting on Tuesday, Nov. 6. It may be the most important thing you will do all year.

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