9 AM, 17, Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z: Buddy and Tiny collect all the dinosaurs in the A to Z song. (Y)
8 PM, TRAV, Travel Like a President: A look at the efforts involved in the commander-in-chief's demanding travel schedule. (G)
9 PM, 11, "Sunshine Cleaning" ('08) Amy Adams. Two sisters start a crime-scene-cleanup business. (2:00)
1 AM, 51, "Rocky" ('76) Sylvester Stallone. A heavyweight champ gives a club fighter a title shot. (2:00)
1:30 AM, 11, "One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing" ('42) Godfrey Tearle. An RAF bomber crew must bail out over occupied Holland. (2:00)
7 AM, 2, Today: Bill O'Reilly; Carlina White; Jane Pauley; Jackie Evancho performs; Rachel Bilson; Stacy London. (CC)
7 AM, 4, CBS This Morning: Today's news stories. (CC)
7 AM, 7, Good Morning America: Stephen Colbert; Jenny McCarthy; Kenny Rogers. (CC)
9 AM, 4, Rachael Ray: Snacks with 50 calories or less; outfits for less than $50. (CC)
9 AM, 7, 9, Live! With Kelly and Michael: Actor Tom Selleck; actress Mamie Gummer; Heart performs. (CC)
10 AM, 7, AM Buffalo
11 AM, 7, 9, The View: Author Jenny McCarthy; actress Keke Palmer. (CC)
11 AM, 23, We the People With Gloria Allred: An actress says she was induced to gain excessive weight. (CC)
11 AM, 29, Maury: Lie-detector tests gauge guests' fidelity to their partners. (CC)
11:30 AM, 23, We the People With Gloria Allred: Unpaid wages; injured at a company-sponsored sports event. (CC)
Noon, 2, The Doctors: Dr. Travis reveals how to know when an ailment is emergency room-worthy; weight loss surgery. (CC)
2 PM, 4, The Talk: Dennis Quaid; Michael Chiklis; Carrie-Anne Moss; Jason O'Mara; Taylor Handley; Sarah Jones. (CC)
2 PM, 23, The Jeff Probst Show: Supermodel Paulina Porizkova talks about getting older. (CC)
2 PM, 49, The Jeremy Kyle Show: Results of a lie detector test determine whether Dwayne cheated on Natalie. (CC)
3 PM, 2, 9, Dr. Phil: A man considers treatment for addiction. (CC)
3 PM, 4, Anderson Live: A mother arrested because her children were playing outside unsupervised; co-host Bethenny Frankel. (CC)
3 PM, 7, The Ricki Lake Show: Gay guests tell of coming out to family and friends; Lance Bass; Romi Klinger. (CC)
3 PM, 23, The Bill Cunningham Show: Couples take lie detector tests to prove fidelity. (CC)
4 PM, 2, 9, The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Actors Lea Michele and David Spade; Matchbox 20 performs. (CC)
4 PM, 4, The Dr. Oz Show: Doctors from three major networks discuss health news; a child who survived bubonic plague. (CC)
4 PM, 7, Katie: America's bullying epidemic; teens share bullying stories. (CC)
4 PM, 23, Steve Harvey: A video-game addict; interactive tools to give children's grades a boost; Ali Fedotowsky. (CC)
4 PM, 29, Maury: Lie-detector tests gauge guests' fidelity to their partners. (CC)
4:30 PM, 17, Tavis Smiley: Sheila Bair, former FDIC chairperson. (CC)
5 PM, 17, Charlie Rose: Mikhail Prokhorov; Anders Fogh Rasmussen. (CC)
5 PM, 23, The Wendy Williams Show: Reality-TV star NeNe Leakes; Miguel performs. (CC)
11:35 PM, 2, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Carol Burnett; Armie Hammer; Lang Lang and Students perform. (CC)
11:35 PM, 4, Late Show With David Letterman: Actor Martin Short; actress Kat Dennings. (CC)
11:35 PM, 7, 11, Nightline (CC)
Midnight, 7, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ty Burrell; Chris Paul; "Dancing With the Stars"; Psy performs. (CC)
12:37 AM, 2, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Anderson Cooper; Mamie Gummer; Kendrick Lamar performs. (CC)