1. Does India share a border with Russia?
2. What is a period of play in polo called?
3. Is the kohlrabi edible?
4. Name the last member of the Stuart family to reign over England.
5. Convert 1/25th to a percentage.
6. "The Inland Empire" is a nickname for what state?
7. Who was the early American who said he only regretted having but one life to give for his country?
8. What is the entertainment name of Anthony Benedetto?
9. The U.S. Secret Service assigns agents to protect presidential aspirants, prior to the political conventions. True or false?
10. Into what tribe was Sitting Bull born?


1. No.
2. "Chukker" or "chukkar."
3. Yes. It's a garden vegetable similar to cabbage.
4. Queen Anne, who reigned from 1702 to her death in 1714.
5. 0.04.
6. Illinois.
7. Nathan Hale.
8. Tony Bennett.
9. True.
10. Hunkpapa Sioux.