A Grand Island man stands accused of terrorizing several elderly women who live alone on the island during break-ins over the last several months, Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard Tuesday.
Justin W. Slaiman, 30, of Baseline Road, faces Town Court proceedings today. He has been arrested on multiple felony charges and is under investigation for other burglary cases dating back to March, the sheriff said.
Sheriff's detectives accused Slaiman of terrorizing an elderly Grand Island woman by repeatedly and methodically stealing sentimental and valuable items from her home and pawning them at local pawn shops.
In mid-August, Howard said, Slaiman brazenly smiled at the elderly woman as he placed a ladder near her laundry room window, but fled in haste, leaving his burglary tools for sheriff's deputies, who arrived to find the trembling woman after a 911 call. Slaiman had broken into the home by using a 12-inch blade to slash through a screen in the woman's laundry room, deputies reported.
Slaiman was taken into custody Tuesday near his home by detectives and road patrol deputies. Among the items he is accused of stealing from the elderly woman, and pawning with limited success, include military memorabilia of her loved ones, various types of scrap metal he stole in other break-ins and sentimental artifacts, Howard said.