Commuters deserve better NFTA service

The Sept. 25 story concerning the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority's four-month repair delay to the University Station escalator wasn't news to those of us who are familiar with the day-to-day operation of this so-called transportation authority. The NFTA has been operating at a substandard level for many years.
I commute from Amherst into Buffalo on a daily basis for work. In past years, I have traveled extensively and have used transit systems on six different continents. I have never witnessed such total disregard for patrons as I have by the NFTA in Buffalo. This lack of concern is only magnified by the fact that it has reduced its work force to the point of risking the safety of the public. I witness unruly behavior, harassment and abuse on a daily basis. Robberies at unmonitored stations are not uncommon. Many commuters have opted to drive rather than face the risks associated with an NFTA commute.
Another fact lost to the NFTA is that tourists are accustomed to using transit service while visiting, as they would in many cities. Unfortunately they appear to be as disgruntled as the NFTA employees themselves. Buffalo is making great strides and many of us who live here know that this city is a well-kept secret. We deserve better than what the NFTA is offering. Buffalo needs to address the stranglehold this authority has had on the city for years and make it known that it is not acceptable anymore.

Brian Nannen