West Seneca is being ridiculous about cats

I am sad to say that I believe my town, West Seneca, has become the laughing stock of the Niagara Frontier. I have been a taxpaying town resident for 27 years and in all of those years, I have been a responsible cat owner. My cats, currently four of them, are all neutered and indoor pets. They are up to date on required inoculations and visit their pet M.D. on a regular basis. There have been occasions where my numbers exceeded four, however, my pets rules have always remained consistent.
I have lived in other parts of Western New York where I actually thought that the stray/feral cat population was an issue, however, never in West Seneca. I have never seen a stray in my subdivision. Ever.
Now I am to believe that there is a rogue population of frisky feral felines that are wreaking cat havoc in various parts of my town. Please, someone give me an address where I can see these "gangs" of no longer wanted or pampered house pets creeping onto awnings to look for private bathroom facilities. My grandchildren would enjoy this outing. Oh, the odor issue preventing cantankerous residents from enjoying outdoor porch time? Well, maybe it's time to check the wash-by date on said complainants' clothing.
West Seneca residents, beware, the cat police are coming for you!

Julie Czosek

West Seneca