Romney's campaign is seriously flawed

Mitt Romney's campaign is in trouble, but he does not realize it. The reason Romney thinks everything is fine is the same reason the GOP is failing in general against President Obama. That's because Romney thinks he's running against the same imaginary Obama that the GOP only thinks exists.
Romney and the GOP have invented an imaginary Obama, similar to the one sitting in Clint Eastwood's chair - a "foreign-born socialist who hates America." So, Romney has crafted his campaign to run against this imaginary Obama.
But the real Obama isn't the "foreign-born socialist who hates America" that the right created. Obama is a left-of-center politician who has been below average in economy, average in domestic matters and above average in foreign policy. Not unlike any number of politicians in the last 50 years - an average president. If Romney recognized and ran against this Obama, he might have a chance.
But Romney and the GOP continue to run against their imaginary Obama, continuing to dwell on the ridiculous and, if it's not ridiculous enough, they alter or take the mundane out of context to make it ridiculous. They are trying to make Obama into what they want him to be, not what he actually is.
It is one thing to create a fantasy. It's another to actually start believing it and run a political campaign around it.

Dale Reeck