1. What is the scientific name for the light display at the South Pole?
2. Abiology is the study of . . .
3. Is it true or false that a prosector tries cases in court?
4. What is the capital of Canada?
5. In an 1850 speech, Henry Clay said that he would rather be right than what?

6. Name the oldest American city.
7. In baseball, what is a rundown?
8. The 310-mile-long Platte River flows into what other river?
9. Is a nautical mile as long as a land (statute) mile?
10. What does a naturalist study?
1. Aurora australis.
2. Non-living things.
3. False. A prosector is one who is skilled in dissection and who prepares subjects for anatomical demonstration. A prosecutor tries cases in court.
5. President.
6. St. Augustine, Fla., settled by the Spanish in 1565.
7. Attempting to put out a runner who is trapped between bases by throwing the ball back and forth, meanwhile shortening the distance in which he has to run.
8. Missouri River.
9. A nautical mile is longer - 6,080 feet to 5,280 feet for the land mile.
10. Plants and animals in their natural environment.