1. A U.S. president must be at least what age?

2. Violent tropical cyclones originating in the west Pacific are known by a name that literally means "great wind." What is that name?

3. The lightest wood is . . .

4. "Beau Geste" by Percival Christopher Wren is about what group?

5. Do avocados have pits?

6. Who made the famous "Old soldiers never die" speech in 1951?

7. Do the stripes in the flag of Hungary run vertical or horizontal?

8. What is the meaning of "scission"?

9. Where in the New Testament is the line, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever"?

10. What was the actual name of outlaw Billy the Kid?


1. Thirty-five.
2. Typhoon.
3. Balsa.
4. French Foreign Legion.
5. Yes.

6. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, speaking before Congress after being recalled from Korea.

7. Horizontal.

8. The act of cutting or dividing.
9. Matthew 6:13.
10. William Bonney.