The rub

One of Buzz's gal pals had a birthday this week, and we went for a spa day, complete with massage. Buzz had never had a massage before, and now we know why. Who can get past the phone call? First we were asked if we wanted our masseuse to be a man or a woman. Embarrassed, we said we didn't know. Whatever was easier, we said. Next question: "Would this be a couples massage?" Unable to think what to assume in this freewheeling day and age, Buzz stammered that we were just friends. We sensed exasperation. Couples, we were told, meant that you were in the same room. "Well, OK," Buzz said, requesting an, er, couples massage. The final rub came from our friend, who texted us: "Did we get Swedish or hot stone?" Aaiiee! "You call," we wrote back. Suddenly, we understand massage therapy. Anything would be relaxing after this.

Electric chair

Skip the phone call, just sit in the massage chair at Brookstone in the Walden Galleria. Spotting it, Buzz promptly sank in. We couldn't stop laughing as the Barcolounger-like behemoth, whirring, squeezed our shoulders and rubbed our back. You never knew what it would do next. It had sudden business with our legs, raising our feet and getting our calves in a vise grip. Then it turned its attention to our head, closing in and even whispering "Fwwwwwp," in our ears. What relaxation! Wake us up when the store's closing.

Stein mart

Continuing to wander the mall, Buzz dined at Gordon Biersch, where we drank in the atmosphere. We approved of the emphasis on German beer brewing. Plus, the menu has Guest Beers. Ha, ha! But here is what we really liked. There were five people in our party, and it was a birthday dinner, and we were treating the birthday girl. And we asked for separate checks, saying we would split hers. Well. Not only was the separate checks wish granted - a rarity - but they did the math, dividing up our friend's dinner! Everyone's check read: ¼ Gorgonzola Bone-In Rib-Eye, $7.23. ¼ Beer Sampler, $1.44. ¼ Cake: $0.00 (The piece of cake was on the house). Great Kaiser's ghost! Who cares if this feeds into the stereotype of the über-efficient German? We love it.

The buzz

Celebrities shop at the Broadway Market! Getting our groceries, Buzz ran into Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra principal horn player Jacek Muzyk. The Muzyk man was looking for sauerkraut. . That Aldi's across from the Broadway Market is so spanking new! It'll never be this way again. Nor should it be, seeing that it sits on the site of the original Sattler's. Let's put some wear on this place. . Speaking of spanking, "Fifty Shades of Grey" - we hear it is about, ahem, sadomasochism - unfortunately appears to be not just a book, but a way of life. Seen at a supermarket checkout, "Fifty Shades of American Women Who Love the Book and Live the Life." The punishment starts with the price, $6.99.


"Thank you! It took me three hours."
- Wynonna Judd, at Kleinhans Music Hall, when told, "You look great!"