LOCKPORT - Double left-turn lanes may be needed at the intersection of South Transit and Robinson roads in the next few years, Supervisor Marc R. Smith said at a Town Board session Monday.
Smith said recent meetings with regional traffic planners showed Robinson Road, a two-lane road, is the only one in the town expected to exceed its rated traffic capacity in the next 15 to 20 years.
Smith told the board the latest car counts for Robinson Road showed a peak of 17,000 vehicles a day. Town Engineer Robert D. Klavoon said the road is rated for a daily average maximum of 18,000 to 19,000 vehicles. He said the figures were compiled in December 2011 and early this year.
There are already left-turn lanes in all four directions at the intersection of Robinson and South Transit, which is also the intersection of routes 78 and 93. But traffic still backs up in those lanes at peak periods.
Councilman Paul W. Siejak said he remains concerned about the intersection of Robinson Road and Snyder Drive, a T-shaped intersection where the only traffic control is a stop sign on Snyder.
Klavoon said Walmart is required to pay for a new traffic study on that intersection a year after its much-delayed super- center opens.
Smith said efforts are needed to improve traffic flow along South Transit Road. "We could do something better, with traffic lights all the way from Millersport [Highway] to the city [of Lockport] line," he said.
Three pairs of South Transit traffic signals located close to each other - at Millersport and Tonawanda Creek Road, at Fisk and Rapids roads and at Snyder Drive and the Home Depot Plaza - are eligible to be synchronized, the state Department of Transportation told him.
Also, the installation of a traffic median along South Transit north of Robinson is still in the picture. Smith said it could extend 600 feet north from the intersection, and there might be 200-foot segments farther north.
"We need some traffic calming," the supervisor said.
Smith and Klavoon also recommended extension of the sidewalk along Robinson from its current west end at Centre Street, the entrance to a mobile home park, all the way to South Transit. The DOT installed the sidewalk from Centre to Old Beattie Road last year after a rash of car-pedestrian accidents.
Siejak said the intersection of Beattie Avenue with Old Beattie, Robinson and Dysinger roads in front of Town Hall needs to be "reconfigured." Northbound and southbound drivers are faced with a bend in the road right at the intersection.
The ideas came from recent meetings involving town and city officials with the DOT and the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Committee.