BATAVIA - Community Action Teams, volunteers working with municipal officials and staff on improving neighborhoods and services, are scheduled to report on their progress during a City Council meeting next Tuesday.
The eight CAT teams, involving more than 60 volunteers, have been helping in various projects ranging from a Strategic Plan to neighborhood block parties. CAT reports and outcomes were reviewed and considered in establishing priorities for future planning.
Teams said they were responsible for input in such areas as the proposed City and Town of Batavia consolidation, the merger of city and county dispatch services in the Sheriff's Headquarters, and replacing the city Fire Department emergency response with a new Mercy Flight EMS countywide service, both in 2009.
These have potential savings for city and town residents in the CAT goal of "continuing operating services at a reasonable cost."
In the past six years, the teams have been working on areas of study such as parks and recreation, downtown improvements, economic development, utilities and public services.
A summary says that of 67 proposals, 36 are completed or in the process of completion.