Karen was anti modern amenities. She hated big shopping malls so much that she'd drive 30 miles out of her way to find a small grocer, florist, whatever.

Her husband, Sy, did his best to change her mind with logical arguments, but Karen was as anti-logic as she was pro everything old-fashioned. Eventually, Sy decided to teach her a lesson.

He canceled their electricity, the phone. When Sy got home from work, he found Karen in the kitchen, staring at the inside of the refrigerator, which was dark.

"The electricity's off," she said. "How am I going to make dinner? And I was going to do wash. Now we won't have clean clothes for tomorrow."

Sy said, "We can rinse out a few things and hang them to dry on the shower rod. How about I order in from Ignazio's?"

"The phone doesn't work!" said Karen. "Without electricity, life is no walk in the park, is it!?" Sy said. Karen nodded and within minutes, Sy had restored the electricity. Karen filed for divorce 10 days later.

Remember: anti means against, pro is for.


1) Ira was so (pro/anti) pesticides, he wouldn't let the exterminator within 10 feet of his house.

2) Just because she was a vegetarian didn't mean Olivia was (pro/anti) eating meat.

3) It was easy for the mayor to campaign against poverty; he never heard of anyone who was (anti/pro) being penniless.


1) anti

2) anti

3) pro