The GOP committee panel charged with electing more Republicans to the House of Representatives has begun spending $575,000 in air time it reserved for ads aimed squarely at Democratic incumbent Rep. Kathleen C. Hochul.

In spots that began in Buffalo today, the National Republican Congressional Committee depicts two silver coins emblazoned with the images of Hochul and President Obama - with whom Republican challenger Chris Collins has linked Hochul at almost every opportunity.

That sets off an image of falling coins and the claim that Hochul and Obama promised "change" when first elected.

"If you're in the middle class, look around," the ad says. "Your change is missing."

The ad then criticizes Hochul for "slashing $716 billion from Medicare" (a charge that the Hochul campaign views differently), backing the "Wall Street bailout," and "supporting higher taxes for small business."

So far, there has been no evidence of a corresponding reservation of air time by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the GOP panel's Democratic counterpart.