What would your dream job be if you weren't playing in the NFL?

"I'd be on the PGA Tour. I grew up playing golf, then I didn't do as much through high school and college. Now I'm getting back into it. If I couldn't be in the NFL that definitely would be my dream job. It's a competitive game but it's relaxing enough where you can enjoy it sometimes a little more than football. Maybe a victory isn't as sweet. You don't have to grind quite as hard physically. But I like all the mental aspects of golf. You've got to like a sport where you can drink a beer, be outside and still compete."

What's your handicap and what's the best course you ever played? "I'm a 14. The best course was Pebble Beach (in California). I played pretty bad that day, but I shot a true 99. No mulligans. I started out pretty strong. I was 1 over through three or four holes. There's a lot of people watching on the first tee, and with everybody watching I hit a good drive and had a tap-in par."